Psychological and Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

What could be more embarrassing than having a penis that won’t “stand up” when you need and want to? A scenario like this is not only embarrassing for men but can be highly depressing. Will you still wait until you get erectile dysfunction before you use the ultimate cure-prevention?

Figures Tell

More than half, about 52%, of all men from 40 to 70 years old are suffering from different degrees of erectile dysfunction. You also have this condition if you have inability or at least difficulty in getting erection. Even difficulty and inability to maintain a firm and hard erection that is enough for a sexual activity can be considered an erectile dysfunction.

The common target of this problem is older men. According to a certain study, about 67% of 70-year-olds and older men suffer from this condition and only about 39% of about 40-year-olds have erection problems. That means that one in every 10 men in the planet is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Although older men are the usual target, younger men are not excused into suffering this condition. In fact, some younger men are also suffering on different levels-moderate, minimal, and complete.

Causes Erectile dysfunction clinic

Younger men and even older men don’t have to worry so much about it. if they know what causes this dreaded condition. Both physical and psychological factors may affect and cause the problem. But this condition is mostly caused by physical factors like aging.

Doctors also said that intake of various medications for different diseases can cause erection problems. Drug abuse, alcohol addiction, and tobacco consumption all add to the possibility that you’ll get problems in your later years.

Meanwhile, diseases and health conditions are found to trigger erectile dysfunction as well. Injuries like in the brain or spinal cord are said to cause this condition. Liver and kidney failure are additional causes, too. Hypogonadism, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, hardening of arteries, high blood pressure, prostate and bladder surgeries, and high blood sugar are all contributory to higher risk of having erectile dysfunction.

Furthermore, other studies pinpointed psychological issues to having erectile dysfunction. Nervous feeling, stress, self consciousness, depression, and paranoia can lower down the ability of a man to achieve and maintain erection, which will later lead to erectile dysfunction.

Whatever issue you are in, it is important that you address it as early as possible. Getting erection problems can be curable but it will be very difficult to find the best cure

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